Buddha Walkerton

We opened our first restaurant in 2019 in Kincardine, never ever thought such small communities are so welcoming. From that day onwards we started growing in our knowledge about communities outside GTA and our love to work with them has no set boundaries.

Visiting walkerton was utter a co incidence we booked our stay in Best Westin thinking it is Kincardine’s Best Westin but it was Walkerton’s , that was our first time to walkerton and instantly fell in connected with the vibes of Walkerton’s downtown. Right at that moment we decided to open a restaurant in Walkerton. It was quite a struggle to get the spot in downtown walkerton it took us two years to get this place . And here we are Buddha restaurant.

Big Shout Out to Charles Bagnato who played a pivot role in getting us here.

Thank you Walkerton for giving us so much love..